Low Energy Grants

How the grant process works

A clear simple process

Firstly, check you are eligible and can commit to everything outlined below.

You will need to complete and sign a registration form.

Step 1: Check you are eligible

  • Your business must be based in the borough of Welwyn Hatfield

  • Able to confirm that other organisations own less than 25% of the shares or voting rights of your organisation and your organisation owns less than 25% of the shares or voting rights of another organisation

(If this isn’t the case, and you are ‘linked’ to one or more organisations, we should still be able to help you if the statements below are TRUE.

  • In the past 3 years, your organisation plus any ‘linked’ organisations have received less than £178,000 (€200,000) worth of publicly-funded assistance (for example, support, grants or reliefs).

  • For the last 3 years, your organisation plus any ‘linked’ organisations have employed fewer than 250 FTE staff and have either a) an annual turnover not exceeding £40 million or b) an annual balance sheet total not exceeding £35 million.

  • Your main business activity is not fisheries or aquaculture, agriculture or the processing of agricultural products, coal, steel, shipbuilding, synthetic fibres, banking, insurance, healthcare or school age education.

Step 2: Check you can commit to the following

  • The councils Energy Efficiency Officer will carry out a free energy audit at your business premises. (The aim of this is to assess what actions can be undertaken to reduce energy costs.)
  • Agree to attend a free 3-hour ‘Increase your profits through sustainability’ workshop. (The workshop will focus on how being more carbon friendly can support your brand image and increase your customer base).
  • Complete a ‘barriers to low carbon’ survey so we can capture what kind of barriers you are concerned about when you consider reducing your carbon footprint. (This will be carried out by the council’s Economic Development Officer and should take no more than 15 minutes.)
  • Provide 12 – 24 months of energy bills.
  • Obtain written permission from your Landlord for the LED works to be carried out.

Step 3: Register your interest in one of two ways

Step 4: Following register of interest

  • Complete a registration form.
  • Gather and supply your utility documents
    (You will need to supply 12 months of electricity bills to the council before your energy audit can take place).
  • Complete the ‘barriers to reducing your carbon footprint’ survey carried out by the ED team.
  • Book your place on the ‘Increase your profits through sustainability’ workshop.  (Dates to be confirmed).

Step 5: Energy audit carried out

  • The energy audit will be carried out at a time convenient to you and your business.
  • Energy audit report received which will set out energy saving measures.

Step 6: Recommendations

  • ED team will contact you to discuss the report and confirm you would like to go ahead with the LED lighting works.

Step 7: LED lighting works

  • ED team will ask you to supply three quotes for the works. (Local supplier’s details will be provided).
  • You will need to instruct the cheapest supplier to carry out the works.
  • You will need to pay the supplier and complete an application form to claim back the cost.  (No VAT can be claimed).
  • Council visits business premises to photograph the works for publicity purposes. (You may be asked to supply a quote on how the scheme has benefitted your business).

What is required in order to be eligible for a Low Carbon grant?

  • You will need to supply the council with 12 months of electricity bills.
  • The council’s Energy Efficiency Officer will carry out a free energy audit review and prepare an implementation plan for your organisation which will identify what energy efficiency upgrades could be made in order for your business to save on your businesses energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • The energy audit report must demonstrate that for every £1,000 of grant there is an energy efficiency saving of 0.5 tonnes of emissions per annum.
  • Attendance at a free virtual 3 hour ‘Increase your profits through sustainability’ workshop which will include topics on:
    • Improving your brand image and attracting new customers
    • Reducing your energy bills
    • Creating a more comfortable working environment
  • Completion of survey (20 minutes).
  • Completion of registration form.

Your Questions Answered

What type of energy saving projects are eligible?
Initially the scheme is focusing on LED lighting works although we may expand the scheme at a later date. This is because LED bulbs are incredibly energy efficient compared to other bulbs which waste a lot of energy by turning into heat. Changing to LED lighting will save you money on your energy bills as well as considerably reducing your carbon footprint.

What type of business are eligible?
To be eligible for the council’s Low Carbon Grant, businesses must be based in Welwyn Hatfield and have less than 250 employees.

Who is funding this grant?
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is funding the grant. The council has declared a climate emergency and is very keen to support its businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on fuel bills.

The scheme is part of the Eastern New Energy ERDF project which is a large low carbon project across three Local Enterprise Partnership areas.

Can my business spend more than £5,000?
Yes you can, but you would need to make up the shortfall as the maximum grant that can be paid out by the council is £5,000.

Do I have to use one of the suppliers you recommend?
No, it will be up to you who you choose to quote but the council will provide you with a list of local suppliers but you do not have to use them.

Will energy audits and work still be carried out during lockdown?
Yes, providing your premises has been made COVID safe the energy audit can be carried out. Construction works are able to be carried out during lockdown.