Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) is all about progress.

SSW can help you progress your career, education and business.

Who’s it for?

SSW focuses on small and medium sized businesses (less than 250 employees) based within Hertfordshire.

What’s on offer?

  • Flexible training – pick full qualifications or mix and match individual units to suit your business
  • On-the-job vocational training to meet individual and business needs including taught learning, workplace assessment, distance learning and online learning.
  • Learning pathways for your employees enabling them to progress within your organisation onto higher level qualifications or apprenticeships
  • Recognised accredited qualifications and training courses to enhance your employees’ skills

How could you benefit?

  • A more efficient business with improved profitability
  • A highly skilled workforce delivering quality outputs for your customers and improving business performance
  • Improved staff satisfaction and motivation, reducing staff turnover
  • A wide appeal to new recruits
  • Competitive advantage in your marketplace and improved chance of winning new business

Contact Matt Clark, Hertfordshire Partnership Coordinator to talk about training for your business.  Email or telephone 07738897161.