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Contact: Richard Bannister
Work 75 Bradmore Green, Brookmans Park Hertfordshire Hatfield AL9 7QT Work Phone: 01707 662477 Website:


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Beauty Salon and Aesthetic Clinic

Established 2009 and multi-awarding salon in the heart of Brookmans Park.

Helping resolve a multitude of skin issues, problems and concerns for ladies, men and teenagers.

Creating beautiful skin and returning glowing, clear, fresh and unblemished skin for those coping with ageing skin and skin issues.

Typical treatments may be for skin rejuvenation, congested skin, blemished skin, dull and grey skin, saggy skin, wrinkles, eyebags, milia, thread veins, skin tags, warts, verrucas, sun spots and sun damage.

Also fat freezing fat removal, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, scalp hair loss medical tattooing and areola tattooing.

Injectables by Doctor

Beautiful brows and semi-permanent brows.


BeauSynergy is the clinic to talk to and discuss any skin issues in a safe and pleasant environment.

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