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D Jenkins Photography Limited

Contact: Darrin Jenkins
Work Chapel Studio 158 High Street Herts Codicote Herts SG4 8UB Work Phone: 07785762867 Website: https://www.dj-photo.com


Photo of D Jenkins Photography Limited

I am a food, product and lifestyle photographer. I enjoy the process of creating inventive beautifully lit images from diverse briefs, love to create moods, enhance form, and also produce provocative and tempting images.

During the last thirty years I have photographed many people, some of them household names, some very poor, others who are immensely wealthy and a few that were later found guilty of various crimes and later served prison sentences (they were wealthy individuals)….

I collaborate with a wide range of specialists to develop creative concepts and am always willing to add imagery advice to campaigns and projects. Often I’m asked to Art Direct shoots too, it could be during the shoot itself or quite often to give creative advice pre-production.

In the 1980’s I spent three years at Salisbury Art College after which I assisted several photographers before setting up my own business in 1990 – 1991, since then I have taken all sorts of photos for wide ranging clients, this has given me in-depth ability that is usually expected by my clients.

My studio is a 19th century chapel, it has good space with a high ceiling, well equipped with lighting and props, as well as a fully fitted spacious kitchen for all the food photography. It is located close to the A1 motorway, rail stations, and within easy reach of London.