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Jazz Pitt Coaching Ltd

Director Contact: Jazz Pitt
Work 21 St. Etheldredas Drive Hertfordshire Hatfield AL10 8BZ United Kingdom Mobile: 07863 122068 Website: www.jazzpitt.com


Photo of Jazz Pitt Coaching Ltd

I am a fast growing Life Coach who provides Coaching to Professionals all around the UK, my dream come true.

I previously worked in the Corporate world for many years. After suffering a breakdown in 2007, I made it through to the ‘otherside’ and am now a certified Life Coach.

I now live and work to serve individual Professionals and also Employees in Businesses/Organisations. My Coaching ensures we make life easier, prioritise Happiness and live up to all we are capable of.


The benefits to Professionals :

I offer a 12 week programme to Professionals who are feeling ‘stuck’, lost, struggling to move forward or simply want to start prioritising their happiness.

I do not accept new clients without a FREE Discovery Call. This is to ensure we ‘fit’ and that I am able to support you in the areas you require before signing you up to my bespoke package.

Message me or email me at hello@jazzpitt.com to be booked in for a no obligation FREE Discovery call.


The benefits to Businesses/Organisations:

I offer a FREE Consultation to discuss my 6 month programme to the ‘front line’ employees within your business or organisation.

Step 1. FREE Consultation with the business
Step 2. I attend your business to have a FREE Discovery Session with your employees to educate them on my 6 month programme.
Step 3. Finalise numbers of interested employees, decide on whether you would like me to Coach your employees fortnightly, or monthly
Step 4. Deliver the package to employees
Step 5. Brief the business owners on feedback and results.

The package is designed as a training tool to educate your professionals and employees in GROWTH MINDSET, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, THE POWER OF WHY & OVERCOMING FEAR & FAILURE. We also look at how these can be applied to the individual’s life in and outside of work.

If you are interested in bringing one to one coaching into your organisation, please email hello@jazzpitt.com to arrange a FREE Consultation.