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Tanya Lovett

Advanced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Tap Your Troubles AwayReduce stress and emotional overload FAST
Mobile: 07981577521 Website: tap Your Troubles Away


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I support fantastic women, held back by their emotions, to live the life they want to.


I use the tools of EFT (tapping) and Matrix Reimprinting to help women free themselves from emotions such as low self esteem, anger, self doubt, shame, fear and grief.  These can affect our performance in business, relationships, our health and our finances.  Freeing yourself can lead to greater abundance in all it’s manifestations.

With a background in mental health work, I won’t be phased by what you bring.  And with EFT we don’t need words. So you don’t have to say any more than you want to and still move forward