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Ubere Mama (Ubere Trading Ltd)

Contact: Sarah-Jane Hingorani
Work Ubere Mama PO BOX 578 Welwyn Hertfordshire AL7 9NZ UK Mobile: 07887 992173 Website: www.uberemama.co.uk
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In 2012 life changed-I became a mum and wanted to breastfeed. Breastfeeding was a challenge-it was hard physically and finding suitable clothing that was discreet and fashionable was difficult.
I started Ubere Mama because I’m a passionate advocate of breastfeeding, first and foremost, but am equally passionate about fashion and design.
Ubere Mama brings both these passions together in one place.
As Breastfeeding mothers, why do we all have to make do with drab and unflattering clothes, which are often also extremely uncomfortable and badly tailored?
The solution I came up with is this. A site that brings together well sourced, well-tailored, and sensationally comfortable clothes at prices that are affordable. When you look good, you feel good! And breastfeeding suddenly took on additional benefits. A well-dressed happy mother means the baby’s happy too.
Having worked in fashion before having my child, it was important to me that I source all our fabrics locally and have our manufacturing base here in the U.K. too. I want our community of breastfeeding mothers to have only the best – and keeping things local is my way of guaranteeing just that.
As well as clothes for every occasion – and do please keep a look out for our new products – you can order a range of breast care products too. We’ve kept this selection quite small for now – and will expand the offer further as we get your feedback.
We also have links to Breastfeeding help lines and general information on breastfeeding-to help you to feed confidently with longevity.

If you share our passion for breastfeeding – then I hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do. The name, by the way, comes from the Latin word for breastfeeding and seemed the obvious choice for our offer. It also fits in with my belief that there’s nothing more beautiful or chic than seeing a mother breastfeeding her child.
So here’s to the uber(e) chic in us all!

Categories: Clothing & Personal Goods