123,000 people. Seven questions. One future. Join the big conversation and tell us about your Welwyn Hatfield now.

Begin the Survey

Over the next four weeks, the council is encouraging people who, live, work or spend a significant amount of time in Welwyn Hatfield to answer seven big questions. The responses will be used to develop a shared vision for the future of Welwyn Hatfield and, crucially, to inform the council’s priorities for the next three years as we emerge from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Tony Kingsbury, said:

This is our biggest conversation in a generation. We really want to hear what you think about where you live – what you love and what you’d change, what you hope for the future, and what you think are the biggest challenges ahead.
We want everyone to take the time to answer these seven questions and join the big conversation, especially those people we don’t usually hear from. It’s your views that will help us to form our strategy, help us better connect with our communities and make sure Welwyn Hatfield remains a great place in which to live, work, or spend leisure time.
So please – whether you are someone who lives here, works here, or represents a business or other organisation based here, we want you to get involved. This is about your Welwyn Hatfield.”

The Your Welwyn Hatfield questionnaire can be found online at bit.ly/YourWelwynHatfield and is open until 11 December.

The council is encouraging people to share the survey with family and friends using the following hashtags: