What is the Business Matters Small Business Grant Scheme?

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council are committed to encouraging the strength and vitality of it’s local economy.

The ‘Business Matters’ grant allows small businesses to apply up £1,000. It is intended to make a positive contribution towards business growth in the borough, promoting local entrepreneurship, business innovation and employment growth.

What can the grant be used for?

The grant can be used for anything that you feel would support the growth of your business including:

  • Test trading a product or service
  • Expanding into a new market
  • Diversifying into a new product area
  • Promoting a new product or service
  • Buying equipment or tools to improve efficiency, or to launch a new business
  • Producing a prototype

How do I apply?

If you click on the link below called ‘Application Form 1920’ it will open up the application form for you to fill in.

Application Form 1920

Here are what a few of our winners said:

“We are really grateful for this opportunity and support. The Welwyn Hatfield grant will allow us to receive relevant training in our company’s accounting operations. This knowledge will offer more time and increase our productivity in other important areas of running a sustainably focused furniture business.” – Monika Equi from Martelo & Mo

“AVS VAT has been actively growing over the last 5 years and invested a whole raft of new systems and processes. Having our grant from Welwyn Hatfield Council has come at a perfect time as we were facing a significant but essential cost of needing new computer equipment. Having this funding will leapfrog us forward in our next growth phase when we will take on another employee. Exciting times and really great to have council support.” – Melanie Lord from AVS VAT

“I am hugely honoured to have been awarded a grant which will test a market. I have some online courses, audio training and e-books, and wish to test a specific market in India. The grant will enable me to run a number of digital marketing campaigns over a period of 3 months and then to analyse the results, before investing more money. As I have self-funded my business until now, this grant will make a genuine difference: I will be able to make an informed decision as to whether it is worthwhile pursuing this market or not. Thank you very much Welwyn Hatfield for supporting my business in this way.” – Superstar Communicator

Grants of up to £2,000* now available to help your business grow

What is it?

Get Growing is an ERDF and Hertfordshire LEP funded programme that support SMEs in Hertfordshire with growth potential.  This grant provides eligible companies with the opportunity to invest in their business.

Whether you are thinking about a project to increase sales, improving your website to access new markets or ensuring compliance to GDPR, this grant could potentially fund up to 50% of the project.

What’s eligible?

  • Business resilience & cyber security
  • New product development
  • Website development
  • Recruitment for hard to fill posts
  • What’s not eligible
  • Creation of a website for ‘business as usual’ purposes
  • Registration of patent, trade mark or copyright for ‘business as usual’ purposes
  • Product registration for ‘business as usual’ purposes

How to apply?

For more information visit:  hertsgrowthhub.com/get-growing-grant or call Herts Growth Hub on 01707 398168.

Barclays Targeted Green Trade Loans

Funding to support the working capital needs of UK businesses and helping them to meet their environmental goals.

Objectives of Fund

Barclays Bank has expanded its green finance offering by launching a new Green Trade Loans product, designed to help business meet working capital requirements associated with clean tech or sustainability projects.

Value Notes

The minimum facility is £250,000 and finance can be provided until payment from the on-sale of goods is received.

Projects that are eligible for the loans may also benefit from the UK export credit agency’s UKEF Export Working Capital Scheme.

Who Can Apply

UK-based companies with short-term borrowing needs of between 30 and 364 days may be eligible for support.

Eligible Expenditure

  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Green transport
  • Waste management

How To Apply

For further information on how to obtain this grant locally, please contact the following:

Green Trade Loans, Barclays Bank PLC, 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP.

Telephone:  0800 015 4242

Email: newclient.team@barclays.com.

Business Payment Support Service

Enhanced support to businesses finding it difficult to make tax payments on time, including corporation tax, VAT, PAYE, income tax and national insurance contributions.

Fund Information

Funding Body: HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
Available Value: Discretionary
Application Deadline:None Specified


HM Revenue & Custom’s (HMRC’s) Business Payment Support Service takes the form of a helpline for businesses that expect to have difficulty in meeting their NIC or tax bills.

The Business Payment Support Service was introduced at the 2008 Pre-Budget Report against the background of a “credit crunch” crisis and the beginning of an economic recession affecting most advanced economies in the world.

In the Budget 2009: Building Britain’s Future , the Chancellor announced an extension to the service.  If the business anticipates making a trading loss in the current year, applicants should mention this when calling the helpline.  If the business is still viable, and HMRC agree the estimate of the loss, applicants can have the anticipated loss taken into account as part of any rescheduling of the Corporation Tax or Income Tax owed on the previous year’s business profits.

Depending on the size of the loss being claimed for, HMRC may have to ask for some evidence in support to consider.  However, HMRC will take a reasonable approach to the evidence asked for and look to settle the matter with as little fuss as possible.

Objectives of Fund

The aim of the scheme is to provide timely advice to those worried about being able to meet tax, National Insurance, VAT or other payments owed to HM Revenue & Customs. It is also to help advise those who anticipate that payments coming due will cause problems. The Service is designed to meet the needs of all businesses and individuals who are experiencing difficulties in paying the tax due in full and on time.

Value Notes

The Business Payment Support Service is a dedicated telephone helpline service designed to meet the needs of all businesses and individuals who are experiencing difficulties in paying the tax due in full and on time.

Who Can Apply

Any business in the United Kingdom, regardless of size or legal form, may use this helpline facility.


United Kingdom

Terms and Conditions

Apart from the requirement for it to be a new call, there are no further criteria.


The Business Payment Support Line is for new enquiries only.

Eligible Expenditure

When a business uses the Helpline it is wise to have the following information available to help HMRC deal with the call as efficiently as possible:

The tax reference number

Details of the tax that the business is, or will have, trouble paying;
when the business is expecting to be able to pay the tax.
The HMRC advisers will only ask for the information needed to make a decision.  They will review the circumstances and discuss temporary options tailored to the business’s needs, such as arranging for payments to be made over a longer period.

How To Apply

Enquirers can call the Business Payment Support Line on 0300 200 3835 seven days a week.

Contact HMRC for further advice and guidance.

Useful Links

Business Payment Support Service

Boost Capital Small Business Loans Programme

A programme to provide small loans to UK based SMEs to access growth opportunities.

Fund Information

Funding Body: Boost Capital
Maximum Value: £500,000
Application Deadline:None Specified


The programme offers an alternative to traditional business loans and is not dependent on credit scores.

Objectives of Fund

The aim of the programme is to provide small business loans to SMEs to assist with accessing opportunities for growth.

Value Notes

The programme provides small loans from £3,000 to £500,000 to be re-paid within an agreed timescale. Repayment is customised to the business cash flow model.

Who Can Apply

Any SME can apply for a loan provided the business is currently growing or has growth potential and has been in business for a minimum of nine months.

Funding can be provided to any of the following businesses and is not an exhaustive list:

  • Beauty salons.
  • Franchises.
  • MOT services/garages.
  • Pubs.
  • Retail stores.
  • Dental practises.
  • Hotels.
  • Nail salons.
  • Restaurants.
  • Spa’s.
  • Manufacturers.
  • Wholesales.

Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions will be provided upon entry to the programme.


Although there are no restrictions stipulated in the programme, applicants are advised to contact the funding provider to discuss exclusions.

Eligible Expenditure

Funding can be provided for the following growth opportunities:

  • Purchasing inventory
  • Expansion and re-modelling
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Cash flow

How To Apply

Applications are accepted to the programme on a rolling basis.

Applicants can apply to the programme via the website. A decision will be made within five working days.

Access to Work

Financial assistance is available to help organisations in Great Britain with any extra employment costs that result from employing a person with a disability.

Match Funding Restrictions

Match funding of a minimum of 20% of costs is required under some circumstances.

Eligible Expenditure

The money can pay for things like:

  • Adaptations to the equipment used
  • Special equipment
  • Fares to work if unable to use public transport
  • A support worker or job coach to help in the workplace
  • A support service for those who have a mental health condition and are absent from work or finding it difficult to work
  • A communicator at a job interview

The cost of moving your equipment if there is a change to location or job

View the guidelines.

Interested organisations should contact their Disability Employment Adviser at the nearest Jobcentre Plus.

Payment Procedure

Grants are usually paid in arrears for support that has already been purchased.

Grants are usually paid in arrears for support that has already been purchased.

Grant Funding for LED Lighting & Other Energy Efficiency Measures

Low Carbon Workspaces grants can be used towards replacing fluorescent, halogen and other lighting types with more efficient LEDs or to install other energy efficiency measures, such as insulation, heating controls or double glazing.

It is a publicly funded programme with grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 available to small and medium sized businesses, to cover a third of the cost of their project.

LEDs typically offer:

  • A 50% to 75% reduction in lighting costs
  • A return on investment of under 5 years (or shorter still with a grant)
  • Significant energy and CO2e savings
  • A long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Excellent light quality, beneficial to staff health and wellbeing

Hertfordshire based haulage company, Star Cargo, have recently been awarded a grant to install LED panels.  They are expecting annual savings of £1,200 and to reduce their carbon footprint by 4.5 tonnes CO2e.

For more information or to register your interest please visit the Low Carbon Workspaces website or give Rowan Wallis a call on 01494 927163.

Manufacturing Growth Programme

Are you an SME Manufacturer who could benefit from a grant?

The Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) is specifically designed to help SME manufacturers access funding towards specialist external consulting and coaching support to help overcome operating challenges and grow the business.

How much is the grant?

Claim up to 35% of the total cost of our project (min grant £1,000; max £3,500).  The grant is now available in Hertfordshire, subject to eligibility.

What can I use it for?

To bring in external skills, coaching, mentoring or bespoke consultancy to drive growth.  Support is bespoke so you get exactly the assistance you need.

These are just some of the areas MGP can help you with:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Quality systems
  • Supply chain development
  • Leadership and management training
  • Productivity and capacity
  • Innovation and R&D
  • Lean Manufacturing

Want more information?

Accessing the Manufacturing Growth Programme is quick and easy.  Contact Amanda Freeland at Amanda.freeland@egs.live or telephone 07973 946529.  The website is www.manufacturinggrowthprogramme.co.uk.