Better Business for All (BBFA)

We recognise that the Regulations your business must comply with are many, varied and often complex.

To give your business the best chance of succeeding and to ensure a level playing field, local Regulators, led by your council, are working in partnership with business organisations such as the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Hertfordshire Growth Hub, FSB, Chambers of Commerce and Welwyn and Hatfield Borough Council to improve our services to you.

Click here to find out more how your regulators in Hertfordshire are working together to support Business and Enterprise and to access free advice.

To keep up to date with the campaign and to receive updates on legislation affecting your Business, follow BBFA on Twitter @BbfaHerts.

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Get Better Connected

The Government has made a commitment to provide every home and business in the UK with access to a basic broadband service so that browsing the web and keeping in touch with families and friends is easier.

A subsidised broadband installation is now available if you cannot access an affordable broadband service with a speed of at least 2 Mb per second. Up to £350 is available.

You can check what broadband services are already available to you using the GoSuperfast checker and what your current broadband speed is, using the ADSL availability checker.

If, after making these checks, you believe your speed is less than 2 Mb per second and you have no other options available then click here to find out how to apply for help.

Taking out a broadband service under this scheme will not prevent your premises from being considered for superfast broadband in the future.

If you require assistance please telephone 0207 211 6468.