Continuous Growth


Get your business in front of people who are looking for your products and services
Whether through targeted paid ads, talking at events or via social media – get comfortable with telling people what your business does. Whilst they may need your business, they may well know someone who does.


Join a local business networking group
These groups often work to create customer and client referrals for it’s members businesses. You refer customers to the other businesses in the group, and they will do the same for you. These groups can also provide business sales training, and help you to get very clear on who your ideal client or customer is.

Join a trade body or groups for your industry
This can help you discuss new ideas and opportunities in your profession and connect with like-minded businesses to share growth ideas.

Seek Guidance

There are a number of resources or organisations that can provide support and guidance to help your business grow further.

Talk to your accountant
Your accountant can be a great source of ideas both to find more customers and clients, and they will likely help you to understand where your business can be more profitable, or what additional growth funding might be available.

Business consultants
Seeking the advice of a business consultant will also provide both guidance and clarity of where your business is headed and might highlight new services or products you could offer.

Speak to your customers
What services and products would your existing customers like you to offer that you do not already? This could increase your current customers’ spending with your business before you go out to find new customers.