Grants up to £2,000 to help businesses become more energy efficient

Reduce your business energy bills

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council are offering grants  to businesses of up to £2,000 to fully fund projects to reduce their energy bills, and become more environmentally sustainable. 

As a delivery partner of ENE, the council is offering Welwyn Hatfield based businesses the opportunity to have a free, energy audit carried out which will identify key energy efficiency improvement opportunities. You will receive a concise report outlining key recommendations, indicative costs and pay back periods. Where the energy audit report demonstrates that your business would benefit by changing to LED lighting, the council will pick up the tab for the works!

We can also put you in touch with other delivery partners that may be able to assist with grants to carry out other low carbon works. For further information visit

How it works

We’ll provide FREE energy awareness training to support businesses make the most of being energy efficient. If you feel the grant would be right for your business, you’ll be able to apply.

Get started

To start the process and be eligible for the grant, please book on to the energy literacy training. The training is FREE and delivered online as a webinar.